Night Falling

These are the Summer skies that give way to the intoxicating gravity of the moon,
Crimson ember clouds simmer like coals burning out.
The last warm breathes of the sun’s rays blend into the surrounding blue suede lips of the falling night.
Opened wide, they swallow the remaining few blisters of spotlight. Admonishing any glowing remains of dusk, until dawn.
Night’s kisses begin to map astronomical roadways. It’s stars appear like traffic lights, guiding the reflections of freckled face wanderers eyes upwards.
With each shooting star, night smiles. Showcasing her planetary teeth and outer space enamel.
She is self assured.
She is restful.
She is the dark ether that lulls passerby’s to pull over to the side of the road, to camp outdoors, to think big thoughts, to question simple answers, and appreciate the simple.
To gaze into the galatic iris of her eyes and wish that morning would never come…


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